Challenger HBM-4

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Main Features:
  • 47.24" x 59.05" indexing table as standard
  • 0.001 degree continuous rotary table with 60.03" x 48.03"
  • Rigid spindle with 3000rpm, ISO#50 and fitted with 2 steps speed changer at high speed output.
  • Spindle quill diameter 4.33”
  • W axis travel 21.65”
  • Spindle vibration monitoring system
  • AC servo motor provides extremely high torque, power and axis force
  • Meehanite cast iron construction provides excellent mechanical stability
  • Hardened and ground guide ways allows rigid moving
  • C3 double nuts high class precision ballscrews are fitted
  • 0.001 degree high indexing accuracy rotary table ( option )
  • Large working table allows big working piece machining
  • Linear scales on axes and angle encoder on B axis give absolute positioning accuracy on request
  • Floor type ATC with 60 tools as a basic selection; different tool pockets are available.
  • Light fence system for working area.
  • Mechanical counter weight offers headstock stability
  • Chip auger device is provided.
  • Automatic central lubrication system.
  • Coolant system with checked valve
  • Low voltage circuit control system
  • CE Declaration of Conformity EU countries
Item Standard Metric
X axis travel 86.61” 2200mm
Y axis travel 62.99” 1600mm
Z axis travel 62.99” 1600mm
W axis travel 21.65” 550mm
Distance between spindle
center to table center
0-62.99” 0-1600mm
Distance between spindle
nose to table center
4.52”- 89.44” 115-2272mm
Working area of table 47.54”×59.05” 1200×1500mm
T slot .27” x .86” x 5.90” 7 x 22 x 150mm
Table max loading weight 11023.11 Lbs. 5000kg
Table index (standard)
Spindle taper ISO No.50 ISO No.50
Spindle speed 35~3000rpm 35-3000rpm
Spindle step 2 steps(auto.) 2 steps (auto)
Quill diameter (W axis) Ø4.3” ø110mm
Spindle bearing I/D Ø5.90” ø150mm
X axis rapid feed 472.44”/min 12000mm/min
Y axis rapid feed 472.44”/min 12000mm/min
Z axis rapid feed 472.44”/min 12000mm/min
3 axes cutting feed 39.37” ~ 196.85”/min 1~5000mm/min
B axis cutting speed 11rpm 11rpm
XYZ ballscrew ø55 x P12/C3 double nut ø55 x P12/C3 double nut
W axis ballscrew ø40 x P5/C3 double nut ø40 x P5/C3 double nut
Pocket 60 PC 60 PC
Max. tool diameter 4.92”/9.84” 125/250mm
Max. tool length 11.81” 300mm
Max. tool weight 55.11 Lbs. 25kg
Time of tool change (T-T) 9 9
Spindle motor ( 30 minute/continuous ) 24.8/20.11(std.)/
29.5/24.08(opt.) hp
22/18.5(opt.) kw
X axis motor (Fanuc/Heidenhain) 5.36/9.65hp 4/7.2kw
Y axis motor (Fanuc/Heidenhain) 8.04/11.53hp 6/8.6kw
Z axis motor (Fanuc/Heidenhain) 5.36/9.65hp 4/7.2kw
B axis motor (Fanuc/Heidenhain) 5.36/7.64hp 4/5.7kw
W axis motor (Fanuc/Heidenhain) 4.02/2.23hp 3/1.67kw
Hydraulic motor 5.02 hp 3.75kw
Coolant pump motor 2.2 hp 1.7kw
Slideway lubrication motor 12w 12w
Floor occupation 185.63” x 296.96” x 145.90” 4715 x 7543 x 3706mm
Total weight 49604.00 Lbs. 22500kg
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Standard Accessories:
  • Fanuc 31iMB CNC Control
  • Spindle oil chiller
  • Auto power off
  • Chip auger for table & chip conveyer
  • Coolant system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Program end & alarm lamp
  • RS232 interface
  • Work lamp
  • MPG box
  • Machining leveling plate
  • Operation manual
Optional Accessories:
  • Fagor and Siemens Controls available
  • Angle milling head
  • Universal milling head
  • Angular Block, 31.49” x 20.66” x 31.49”
  • Facing head with telescopic tool holder
  • Spindle extension sleeve
  • 25 bar or 70 bar high pressure coolant through spindle
  • Table guard for CTS
  • Safety guard at operator side
  • Linear scale for X/Y/Z axes (Fagor or Heidenhain brand)
  • Power transformer
  • Continuous Rotary Table
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