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Challenger BNC 5000
  Main Features:
  • Fanuc OITD CNC Control
  • A much higher DC spindle speed and spindle output torque and power
  • Automatic spindle speed changer provided by powerful separate gear box
  • Synchronous double helical gears in the headstock provides the advantage of noise reduction and high power, solving the noise problem outdated technology
  • Hydraulic chuck fitting ready
  • Z axis with two gear reducers for two motors to enlarge torque
  • Z axis with standard linear scale for precision accuracy feedback
  • Four guideways in one piece bed for big & heavy work piece allows one time set-up & finishing
  • An extra wide bed and box way designed
  • A double faster rapid feed
  • 4 station automatic turret
  • Movement of the longitudinal "Z" axis via hydraulically pre-loaded double pinion and precision rack
  • Double pinion rack in the cross slide and tailstock
  • Motorized movement of the tailstock body, manual locking to the bed by screws and flanges
  • Quill movement system using an induction motor
  • Mehanite licensed casting
  • Clear machining room and easy chip removing
  • All CE configuration
  • Free working station
  • Complete package CNC control
  • Heavy loading capacity
  • C-Axis available if required
  • Thread repair
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